Details of Company Registration in Malta

In order for you to be able to complete a company registration in Malta, you need to decide about the 9 points, which we list below:

1. Name of the Company – It has to be legitimate name, cannot sound like an already existing brand or company name. Fault language also has to be excluded

2. Number of directors (fixed or as a range) and details of each – Details refers to the name and residential address (in the case of a body corporate this must be the registered office).

3. Location off the office, which is going to be put into the registry. More here.

4. What are the goals of that Maltese company. What purpose are you going to serve, by opening a company.

5. Legal / Judicial Representation – The manner in which representation of the Company is to be exercised

6. Name and residence of each of the subscribers to the Memorandum – This usually also refers to the nominal value, number and class of shares held by each one of them. A Maltese citizen has to be part of the process or possibility of retirement in Malta with business purposes.

7. Whether the business is going to be private or public.

8. Name and official address of the Company Secretary.

9. Amount of share-capital which the company proposes to be registered – Both authorized and issued must be mentioned (Minimum authorized share-capital is of €1164.69, with 20% of the nominal value of each share to be paid up upon incorporation.)


If you have already decided to open a company, submit an inquiry and we are going to get in touch with  you asap.

In case you would like to get more information about the processes and requirement you can contact us or visit this great resource collection about maltese companies.